Our Commitment to Safety

At Excel Trenching, we take pride in our employee’s being safe.
Every morning all employee’s meet for a JSA meeting, with the goal of keeping our teams informed and aware of the tasks and potential hazards that may come with them throughout the day.

Our Excel Trenching safety team has implemented and completed a vehicle and equipment checklist that is led out daily by our operators. This ensures that all equipment is in correct working order prior to any work being performed.

We also have a disciplinary action policy in place, as well as a root cause analysis/incident investigation policy helps us eliminate reoccurrences of any kind. Whether the incident is large or small, each is individually addressed with employee’s involved and site supervisors to prevent any continuation into a more serious matter.

As a safety policy, we at Excel Trenching give not just the right, but we believe it is the responsibility of all employee’s, no matter what position, to stop work at any time and correct an action that is incorrect or dangerous to themselves or others.

We are members in good standing of ISNetworld, as well as Veriforce. We believe that all operators should be trained and qualified for any/all tasks that will be performed.
We not only strive for safety, but we also want to take care of our environment. Our goal is to assure that the work area is in better shape when our job is complete than it was once we arrived on site from the beginning.